Work With Us

Work With Us

Do you want to work with us at Hyena Underground?

We’re always looking for up-and-coming artists who want to merchandise with us. Whether you do digital or traditional art, it’s easy to sell pins and bottle openers with us, and raise money for fantastic charities at the same time. Artists get paid 20% of the sale price for our product, no matter what. You retain all rights to your piece – you can even sell it on other sites, if you want to. We just want the rights to use it here.

First, email us at and tell us a bit about what you do. We don’t ask for a professional portfolio, but examples of some of your art helps. If you’re approved, we’ll ask that you make designs according to a Photoshop template so that we can press the buttons and openers properly. It’s super simple, and can be done in minutes.

We do payments via Paypal, as the listings are sold. If you would prefer weekly scheduled payments, please let us know.

When we post your listing, we ask that you share it on social media. That’s the biggest way to drive people to your listing.