Our Fund Raiser for Planned Parenthood has begun.

Until conditions improve, we’ll be donating funds raised towards Planned Parenthood.

About the Cause

We believe that safety pins don’t work.

They’re easily replicated and co-opted by fascist and bigoted groups. They’re also not a very visible, universal display of support for marginalized groups. We also believe that any sort of show of support should be backed up with verifiable, actual action for our communities.

As artists and freelance workers ourselves, we also believe that artists should be paid fairly for their work. Artists are essential for every community, and their work is valuable and important.

This is why we’ve decided instead of doing traditional advertising, we would donate to a chosen charity every month. Twenty percent of the sales price goes to a charity, and twenty percent goes to the artist who created the piece.

Our Goals

They’re simple.

We don’t believe one universal symbol works.

We also believe that there should be a way to not only tell who our allies are, but to visibly demonstrate to others that bigotry and fascist ideals won’t be tolerated in our country, and abroad. Simultaneously, we want people to be able to express pride in the communities that actually make America a beautiful place to live.

We want to provide a great way for artists to make money, while contributing to good causes.

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